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Submissively yours I am,

Awaiting your command and yearning for your touch,

You call my name and I melt.

“Assume the position”, is all I hear and it’s time to perform.

Slowly and seductively I lower to my knees, legs together.

I bend over and arch my back just how you like.

The look of innocence on my face is intoxicating.

Yet the look of hunger on yours is intense.

“Open up,” You say sternly.

I immediately obliged, ready to be devoured.

Sounds of a meal so divine, I cant help but moan your name!

You spread my legs and grab my waist, ready to take me to my favorite place.

Every touch is like electricity through my body and I can’t help but gasp for air!

Long and deep strokes, you challenge my body.

Dripping wet and ready to explode, enjoying my favorite place like a good girl should.

Sharing our souls and submitting to each other’s pleasure allows for a release like no other.

Nestled tightly in your arms, completely satisfied, I whisper “Submissively yours I am.”

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