The Way He Cares For Me

The Way He Cares For Me

Good Morning Mama!

“Good Morning Mama, are you hungry?” my son says to me. Oh how I love the way he cares for me! He is quiet and a bit mysterious and while it can be frustrating at times, I have to admit that it’s one of his best qualities! My son, the only boy, what a special place he holds in my heart! He is growing into a young man so fast and I’m just trying to keep up.

I remember being pregnant with him and not knowing what was going to happen or where we going to end up but I loved him, I needed him. He was someone who would hold on to me and love me forever. No matter what I did and who I was or wasn’t, he was going to love me regardless. I didn’t have a dime to my name or a father to hold on to for him but I carried him proudly because we were a team! He gave me hope. He made me realize what true unconditional love meant because before this I had never felt it and what an amazing feeling it was!

Now here he is 13 years old! Where has the time gone? I sit back and think about all the mistakes I’ve made as a parent and I beat myself down. But then my baby comes in the room and says “Good morning mama!, are you hungry?” and I’m not so hard on myself anymore. Those words while they may seem so simple to some, they mean the absolute world to me! It lets me know that I taught him to care and most importantly he cares about his mama.

The funny thing is we sit and have grown up conversations. He is a young man and I intend to treat him as such. Which in turns means that during these real conversations he gets to see his mom as a human being. He understands that I make mistakes and I also need to acknowledge them and make them right as I expect him to.

As he continues to grow into the awesome young man I know he will be, I take great pleasure in watching and being a part of his journey, are my thoughts as I enjoy the delicious french toast he cooked.

His love, patience, and care reflects in his food and I am a proud mama all over again.


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