Summer Vacation 2018

Summer Vacation 2018

Tennessee, With Love!

By The Dreaded Phoenix

Grandma to the rescue!

What a summer vacation to remember! Actually, as you can tell from the title that this was our first vacation ever and it could not have been any more special! Yup! After 14 years of being together and 11 years married we finally managed to make it to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! I mean let’s be real, we’ve only planned this tripped and tortured ourselves with the idea only a few hundred times! LOL!

It’s not that we weren’t serious about going but with five beautiful mini versions of us running around and those two dreaded words “bills & budgeting” (ooh! I shutter just thinking about B & B LOL!). But, as adults we now what the priorities are but we also know things come up and for the most part we stay focused.

Well for us, our break came this summer when grandma ask to keep our squad for a month and a half over the summer break! Now I can’t even lie, this was a break we all could use! Especially after making a major move from one state to another and everyone facing the dreaded transitioning with home, schools and work. Yeah a break was almost mandatory. Although we all were going to miss each other, the mission was on for everybody! I honestly believe in unison, we all thought about how we would try to have a great summer break!

So while grandma and the kids were discussing amusement parks and swimming pools, my husband and I immediately thought about none other than the beautiful Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! It has always been a dream of ours to stay in a cabin so after much research over the next week our vacation was booked!

Relaxation, Mountains, & Memories

First off, what a beautiful scenery Tennessee offers and may I just say, OMG! The air is amazing!! I would have to say that the fresh air is one of the fondest memories I took with me. I mean, I was expecting my allergies to really kick in and bother the hell out of me and surprisingly, Nothing! I mean it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I loved it!

The mountain views were absolutely priceless! I mean everywhere you turn they were just complimenting the scenery. This was the first time that we actually experienced driving up and down mountains and let me tell you! I fainted a few times! Lol! ok maybe not really but quite a few times I couldn’t bare to look out the window. Absolutely breathtaking! 

The cabin was Priceless! Needless to say that we were absolutely speechless! The detail and character of the cabin was done with pure love! The only issue that we had was not being able to stay longer! We had everything we needed and the seclusion was a great addition to all the other amenities as well!

Last but not least, the adventures and memories! While we wanted to make sure that most of the trip was spent relaxing in the cabin and just enjoying each other’s company, we did venture out and try a few things old & new!  I booked us tickets to see a magic show since either of us had done that before and it was pretty entertaining I must say.  We also tried the alpine coasters and go-karts which were really fun but my favorite of all was white water rafting!! We scared the hell out of ourselves but it was definitely worth the experience and can’t wait to go again!

This vacation was everything! My husband and I definitely sit back and enjoy the memories and we are already budgeting for our family vacation! I can’t wait to see where we end up next!

Memories to last a lifetime!

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