Moments of Self Reflection #2

Moments of Self Reflection #2

Conversations of Love

This Month’s moments of self-reflection topic holds dear to my heart because it’s all about conversations of love. These conversations either helped to inspire, build a bond of trust, or were just long overdue. For the sake of healthy relationships, it’s important to remember to take the time and actually focus on communicating with those that are important to us. This is a lesson that took me a while to learn. When you don’t grow up with a good role model of how to establish a relationship with someone, it’s especially difficult to maintain one. The foundation of any relationship should be communication. Whether it’s a friendship, a marriage, or a relationship between family members, always be open to talking. Many times relationships are damaged due to the simple fact that life gets busy. However, there should be no excuses that keep us from those that are important to us. We all go through things in life and these recent conversations of love helped me to realize that even when you’re battling your own storm to not forget that others may be going through a storm of their own as well.

Words of Worth

A recent message from a friend prompted a conversation of inspiration. Having known this friend for a long time yet not having a consistent communication over the years, made this situation extra special. I was able to assist a friend during a moment of feeling unworthy. Many times in life we allow other’s words to determine our self-worth. We tend to forget that a person’s treatment towards us is based on their perception of life and has nothing to do with us. Reminding my dear friend that it is us who give away the power for other’s to determine our self-worth. Constantly worrying about who other’s want us to be and whether they approve is what diminishes our self-worth. We then lose focus of who we are and what values are important to us because we are to focused on whether society is pleased with us. Dear friend, you are a good person of great character. Do not allow anyone to break your spirit. Please remember that we all make mistakes in life but we cannot allow them to determine who we are. We live, we learn, and we grow! Your strength lies within your growth, take credit for all that you’ve worked hard to achieve, and embrace your journey!

Words of Love, Long Overdue

This conversation of Love was one that was long overdue yet patience and time was necessary for it to come about. As I stated before, so many things get in the way of communication within relationships. Episodes of anxiety and depression also play a significant role in this family relationship as well. With every word left unsaid, is a thought left in the mind of the other that they are not needed. The thought that you are no longer an important part of their world. However, instead of reaching out to solve the issue, time ticks away. Mentally, neither of them are in a position to comfort or be there for the other because what little strength they have they must use for themselves. In reality, they both face the same self-torture yet neither of them were aware due to lack of communication. During moments of anxiety and depression, people tend to distance themselves from those they love. Distancing oneself is never done out of spite but because the depressed person does not want to burden those they love. Although their intentions are good, it many times has an adverse affect. Making loved ones feel ignored and left with hurt feelings. That in return just starts a vicious cycle of damage to the relationship most times. Taking a moment to understand that they both faced the same storm was a moment of clarity for them. Clarity in the fact that regardless of what they were facing they needed to be there to catch one another. Clarity in knowing that they were a major part of each other’s world and knowing that they were each other’s inspiration. These words of love and forgiveness were long overdue for them but they came right on time.

Words of Trust & Unconditional Love

There are moments in parenthood that are going to throw us for a curve and we just have to plant our feet and hold still. Creating a bond of love and trust with our children is important. Being able to have an open line of communication with them is detrimental to the relationship. Working on these bonds with our children should start early. It is important for them to know that they can come to us, their parents and talk to us without having to face over reaction, judgement and harsh criticism. This next conversation is a beautiful one of trust between a parent and a child. This beautiful young soul walked around with such a heavy burden on her heart. Scared of whether she would be judged was one fear but the worry of acceptance and love by her parents was her ultimate fear. After sharing her burdens with her older sister she tried to gather up the courage to say the words. Her fear stopped her in her tracks and she remained silent. Her parents handled the situation with a great sense of care, patience and understanding. She was able to express herself and go to sleep feeling confident in who she is. The bond of trust and communication displayed in this moment was pure. She took great pride in knowing that she had such a strong and loving support system around her. In knowing this, she felt confident enough to face the world. The courage and trust that this young lady and family exhibited was one of beauty and grace!


I am thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of these conversations in some way or another. Within each experience a different lesson is learned and that’s what my journey is about. Taking the time to observe and establish the relationships in my life rather than react to them. Learning to communicate better and work to repair those relationships lost to miscommunication. I’m not looking to revive a bunch of dead relationships. However, it is important to me to maintain the relationships in my life so that they remain healthy.

 Don’t be shy, Can you think of any moments of self-reflection that have been on your mind lately? If so, leave a comment below!

Thank You for taking the time to read my blog post!

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