About Me

Welcome to The Dreaded Phoenix!

I am a wife and mother of 5 that adores everything about her little big family! They keep a girl grounded and laughing at all times! LOL! It never ceases to amaze me how we are all alike yet so different. Keeping them focused helps keep me focused although, it can also drive me a little up the wall at times too! My awesome husband has encouraged me to express myself in a different manner other than holding it in, so here I am!

I am on a journey to find peace within myself. I know that may sound a little cliche but hey! It is what it is! I realized that I’ve gotten so good at holding on to the fear of what could go wrong that I hadn’t allowed for much light to guide my way as to what could go right! Depression, anxiety, and fear have a way of making you feel as though you are at your worst and you have no worth. It makes that blanket on the bed seem 10lbs heavier when it’s time to get up and face the real world. However, I refuse to stay silent about my everyday struggles.

For the sake of myself, my growth, my mental, and most definitely my family, I am stepping out on a limb and taking a moment to find myself. Taking a moment to understand my emotions before I blatantly react to a situation. I am taking a moment for all the times I allowed myself to remain silent as my moment breezed right on pass. I am allowing myself the opportunity to be me and not be afraid of what others will think!

Welcome to the world of The Dreaded Phoenix!