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    Rants in Writing: An Emotional Mama & Teenagers!!

    So here I am tonight being an emotional mama just needing to vent, bare with me please as I showcase my mama meltdown… Where is the instruction manual for preteens and teenagers? Why do our children have to grow up? Why can’t they just stay little ones forever and we only get the fun innocent version of them? When I say that I am sick and tired of the teenager/puberty bullshit, I swear I mean every freaking word! Life with teenagers is so overwhelming and emotional. Between trying to combat attitudes and the daily sarcasm that is thrown my way, somedays I just want to lose it and rip all…

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    Writing: Progress of a Writer

      The Reality Writing has always been a safe haven for me throughout my life. It was always my way of escaping my life on a daily basis. So if you didn’t catch me outside with the neighborhood kids then I was probably laying on the floor at my grandmother’s feet working on a poem or something. Many times during my childhood I would write a short story or act out one of my plays just to escape the chaos around me. Writing quickly became my home away from home and no one had access but me! Even to this day, writing still remains my favorite place to go when…

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    Ranting: Excuse my language!

      Warning: This is me ranting so read at your own risk! Hello fellow bloggers and people of the internet! I’ve been working on controlling my anger for the past couple of months so I am definitely in need of a release and having a good ole ranting session is what I decided on, so here goes! Why can’t people say things out of their mouth and actually mean what they say? I swear for the fucking life of me I just don’t get it. If you know that what you are agreeing to or committing to is something that you don’t have the discipline or just plain fucks to…

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