Rants in Writing: An Emotional Mama & Teenagers!!

Rants in Writing: An Emotional Mama & Teenagers!!

So here I am tonight being an emotional mama just needing to vent, bare with me please as I showcase my mama meltdown…

Where is the instruction manual for preteens and teenagers? Why do our children have to grow up? Why can’t they just stay little ones forever and we only get the fun innocent version of them? When I say that I am sick and tired of the teenager/puberty bullshit, I swear I mean every freaking word! Life with teenagers is so overwhelming and emotional. Between trying to combat attitudes and the daily sarcasm that is thrown my way, somedays I just want to lose it and rip all my hair out! I can honestly say that I am not prepared in any way for the teenage shit storm that is currently taking place and will continue to take place over the next few years.

I miss the days of swaddling them and them being excited when they learn that they have hands. I miss them saying their first words and trying new food for the first time and spitting it out when they weren’t used to the taste. I miss them being excited to get a kiss from their mama at any given time but now just getting my teenage son to take a picture is like pulling teeth! It makes me so emotional sometimes. Hell! I am emotional as hell right now because all I want is for them to let me do the one thing that I adore most which is, be there mama and they be my babies. Yes, I am well aware that they aren’t babies anymore but damn all that because they will forever be my babies.

They grow up so fast and I’m just not prepared for them to not need me or want me to do everyday things that mama’s do. I just miss the days when I was literally their world. I am so thankful to have an 8 and 6yr old because they still love to be cuddled, kissed, and photographed. They have their moments as well but they haven’t outgrown me Lol. I know all of my babies love me and do still need me, I just need them to do me a favor and slow down. Society is already rushing them to grow up and here I am looking for the next animated classic for us to sit back, laugh, and reminisce about.

All I can do is continue to cherish every moment with them because time is flying and I’m a loving and frustrated mama just trying to keep up!

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5 Reasons why family dinner is important for my large family

5 Reasons why family dinner is important for my large family

Family Dinner? Let’s talk!

Hello Everyone! What a beautiful fall day it is!

Fall, Trees

I hope everyone is enjoying it in a way that keeps them smiling throughout the day šŸ™‚

In the spirit of the holidays, there has been a lot of discussion amongst my coworkers and I about the upcoming family gatherings. The loud screaming at the t.v. from the favorite uncle in the living room because his team is losing or because he needs another beverage. Many can’t wait to have those long overdue conversations and spend that much-needed time with family members from afar. While othersĀ are thinking about how excited they are to cook their favorite recipes for those big family dinners!

Understanding that the holidays are the main times during the year that families eat together, it got me wondering whether or not families make time during the week to have family dinner. Now when I say family dinner, I mean sitting around the table (without electronics and other distractions) and just having the best company of all, the company of each other! Having a good old-fashioned family dinner throughout the week is one of our favorite things to do in ourĀ household!

However, after bringing up the topic, I realized that not many make time for the lost tradition of family dinner. And for some, family dinner has become a cycle of making a plate of food and going to sit and dine with the phone, laptop, or television screen.Ā 

With work, school, projects, and after school activities, Yes! I know that life gets in the way. Of course, those same everyday things keep us from being able to have that special time together as well but that’s ok. With a family of seven, life definitely gets crazy, but we adjust and make up for it. The fact that we are a large family, we make it our business to have family dinner at least 3 to 4x out of the week. It helps keep us connected and in the know of what’s going on with each other. It also gives me the opportunity to just stare at each face and just take in their beauty and growth!


Sit Down & Let’s Eat

I asked each of my children if they thought our family dinners were important and what were some of their favorite things about them. Here were some of their responses:

1. Time to Talk

So during each family dinner, we take turns going around the table giving everyone their own opportunity first to discuss their day then to discuss any issues they may be dealing with and need advice on. Especially with four daughters in the house, someone is bound to want some advice even if it’s only about a new nail color, Lol! Each of them were in agreement on this one because they anticipate hearing more about each other’s day! I love to believe that taking this time to open up and express our feelings amongst each other helps to strengthen our foundation as a family through communication.

2. The Company of Each Other

Having 5 kids in the house makes for nonstop adventure! Something is always going on and not everyone is always being nice to each other either lol But having each other’s company at the dinner table seems like perfection even if only till dinner is over. For the most part though, they love being around each other and it definitely shows during dinner time. This has to be one of my favorite of the choices because they are all growing up so fast and sometimes you need that minute as a parent to just sit still and take in their beauty, growth, and togetherness!

3. The Food

While we are just a family that loves to cook, our children rave about mom and dad’s food as if each dish is competition worthy! I still hear about the time I made them cornbread muffins (and burnt them by accident), yet my daughter swears up and down that they were some of the best cornbread muffins she ever had! LOL! You just gotta love their support! They love trying new meals and even cook dinner some nights. In honor of one of their favorite food shows “Chopped”, each night they have us “present” their dinner to them so that they can judge our meals. Yup! Young food critics in the making!

4. Food Buddies

Reason #4 is straight from the youngest and toughest of the KIZNY squad, 6-year-old Yumi! For her, family dinner is her favorite because she loves to have a food buddy. A food buddy is a sibling or parent (preferably a parent, Lol) that will sit with her and eat while making sure that her belly is getting full. Yup! You read that correctly! She loves to watch her belly as she eats and I think it is adorable and definitely worthy of making the list!

5. Responsibility

Yes! You read that word correctly! My 12-year-old Lizzy is the “mom” of the squad and prefers to take on responsibility. She likes how her father and I tries to rotate the responsibilities amongst them because it teaches them how to keep different areas of the house clean. The responsibilities that come with family dinner is almost like routine for them now. From setting the table, sweeping up after dinner, and even washing the dishes, each of us take part in the family dinner aftermath to teach them what it means to be a team. It feels good to do these tasks together and adding some loud music doesn’t hurt at all either!

Keeping Traditions Alive

So can you tell my family and I are big fans of family dinner? It’s just one of those things that we try to hold on to because it has great benefits for the entire family! If family dinner is something that you’ve always enjoyed but haven’t had one in a while just randomly pick a day and stick to it. Ban all electronics and outside distractions from the table, sit, and enjoy the meal and company around you!

So even if family dinner isn’t your thing that’s fine! Drop a comment below and let me know what traditions you and your family continue to hold on too. Because at the end of the day it’s all about making real-time for those you love and being able to put everything aside and focus on each other.

Thanks for reading!






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Writing: Progress of a Writer

Writing: Progress of a Writer


The Reality

Writing has always been a safe haven for me throughout my life. It was always my way of escaping my life on a daily basis. So if you didn’t catch me outside with the neighborhood kids then I was probably laying on the floor at my grandmother’s feet working on a poem or something. Many times during my childhood I would write a short story or act out one of my plays just to escape the chaos around me. Writing quickly became my home away from home and no one had access but me!

Even to this day, writing still remains my favorite place to go when I feel like things aren’t making sense. However, something that I have realized over the years is just like any other relationship in my life, writing has its ups and downs.

let’s just say, I am my own worse enemy when it comes to a lot of things in my life and writing is no different. I am constantly questioning whether or not my writing is good enough, not just for others but for myself as well. Every time I write a post, I literally have to have my cheer squad (my family of course!) cheer me on just to press the post button cause I just want it to be good enough! Funny, I know! but who doesn’t like a little bit of motivation from their biggest support? It’s the little things like that, that keep me going some days.

I always find it difficult to qualify myself as a writer and that throws me for a loop! For me, the fact that I haven’t published anything is what keeps me from acknowledging myself as a writer. Lately though, the more I work on my novel the more confident I am becoming! IĀ  am also working on other short stories and poetry as well as reading a lot more. One book that has been a great inspiration to me is Jeff Goins: You are a Writer (so start ACTING like one). It wasn’t until I read this book that I was confident enough to call myself a writer. He really does a great job of helping me realize that I am a writer no matter what stumbling blocks I’ve encountered. Having reading inspiration helps keep me focused on perfecting my craft and I definitely recommend checking this book out!

The journey of exploring my passion for writing has been a fun experience but it has definitely been pushing me out of my comfort zone too! Writing means baring your soul for the world to see and allowing people in to your personal creative side. Nevertheless, Every part of this journey motivates me to continue growing not only as a writer but also as a person.Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā 

What helps keep you motivated with your writing?




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Ranting: Excuse my language!

Ranting: Excuse my language!


Warning: This is me ranting so read at your own risk!

Hello fellow bloggers and people of the internet! I’ve been working on controlling my anger for the past couple of months so I am definitely in need of a release and having a good ole ranting session is what I decided on, so here goes!

Why can’t people say things out of their mouth and actually mean what they say? I swear for the fucking life of me I just don’t get it. If you know that what you are agreeing to or committing to is something that you don’t have the discipline or just plain fucks to give on the subject then just mind your fucking business and stay in the lane that is provided for you! I mean seriously! It would help make life so much easier for the people depending on your word.

Playing victim in a situation you’ve created. Omg! This shit right here drives me absolutely insane!! Seriously grow the fuck up! We are adults! If you make a choice to do or say something that you know will have adverse affects then be prepared for the consequences that come along with it! Don’t pretend like you don’t understand the emotion being handed to you just own up to your shit and make it right.

My next rant is about reaching out and spending time. Now even I can admit that I haven’t always been good at this one so I am a lot more understanding. However, it still sucks and therefore it is part of my rant today. If a person is taking the time to put in effort and reach out and spend time with you but you always blow them off don’t accuse them of switching up on you when they decide to take a step back. We are all busy and life is happening not just for you and me but everybody! If for some reason you just don’t want to be around that person maybe letting them know would be a better option then allowing them to waste their time on you.

Yeah I understand that sometimes life sucks but be considerate of others, life is happening to them too!

Have a great day!




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