• Poetry

    The Way She Loves

    The Way She Loves The way she loves, Harsh and cruel is her inner critic. Her mental wrath is swift and vicious. She breaths tortured thoughts into an already broken soul, which harbors every word. The pain she endures runs deep into treacherous territory, Oh, the way she loves. Her path unclear and filled with trepidation. Lost within the world of tortured thoughts of past, present, and future, The anxiety of the known and unknown weighing her down like an anchor. Oh, the way she loves. Where does she go from here? How does she break free of the voice that has haunted her since childhood? To let it go…

  • Family,  Life

    Moments of Self Reflection

    Personal Inventory of a Beautiful Mess Self reflection is something that I tend to do often but it has an adverse affect on me. Instead of me taking the personal inventory that I’ve collected to better myself, I take it and beat myself down. We all know that saying, “You are your own worse enemy”. Well it’s almost as though it defines exactly who I am, sadly. I realize now that I’ve been such an enemy to myself that it’s affected so many relationships in my life. I’ve had many moments of drowning myself in such negative thoughts that I’ve unintentionally and sometimes intentionally, pushed people away from me. I…

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