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    Rants in Writing: An Emotional Mama & Teenagers!!

    So here I am tonight being an emotional mama just needing to vent, bare with me please as I showcase my mama meltdown… Where is the instruction manual for preteens and teenagers? Why do our children have to grow up? Why can’t they just stay little ones forever and we only get the fun innocent version of them? When I say that I am sick and tired of the teenager/puberty bullshit, I swear I mean every freaking word! Life with teenagers is so overwhelming and emotional. Between trying to combat attitudes and the daily sarcasm that is thrown my way, somedays I just want to lose it and rip all…

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    Positivity Is Good But Keeping It Real Is Better

    Finding My Focus Through Life’s Chaos So lately I’ve been shying away from writing on my blog because I don’t feel as though I am being true to myself or my writing. Don’t get me wrong the few post that I’ve published are all true but I feel as though besides showcasing my struggles with depression and anxiety, I’ve been trying to keep everything on my blog completely positive. And in the midst of the positivity I lose myself in the choas by not keeping it real with myself and everyone else. I mean for goodness sake, I am a wife and working mother of 5! My house consists of…

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    5 Reasons why family dinner is important for my large family

    Family Dinner? Let’s talk! Hello Everyone! What a beautiful fall day it is! I hope everyone is enjoying it in a way that keeps them smiling throughout the day 🙂 In the spirit of the holidays, there has been a lot of discussion amongst my coworkers and I about the upcoming family gatherings. The loud screaming at the t.v. from the favorite uncle in the living room because his team is losing or because he needs another beverage. Many can’t wait to have those long overdue conversations and spend that much-needed time with family members from afar. While others are thinking about how excited they are to cook their favorite recipes…

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