Rants in Writing: An Emotional Mama & Teenagers!!

Rants in Writing: An Emotional Mama & Teenagers!!

So here I am tonight being an emotional mama just needing to vent, bare with me please as I showcase my mama meltdown…

Where is the instruction manual for preteens and teenagers? Why do our children have to grow up? Why can’t they just stay little ones forever and we only get the fun innocent version of them? When I say that I am sick and tired of the teenager/puberty bullshit, I swear I mean every freaking word! Life with teenagers is so overwhelming and emotional. Between trying to combat attitudes and the daily sarcasm that is thrown my way, somedays I just want to lose it and rip all my hair out! I can honestly say that I am not prepared in any way for the teenage shit storm that is currently taking place and will continue to take place over the next few years.

I miss the days of swaddling them and them being excited when they learn that they have hands. I miss them saying their first words and trying new food for the first time and spitting it out when they weren’t used to the taste. I miss them being excited to get a kiss from their mama at any given time but now just getting my teenage son to take a picture is like pulling teeth! It makes me so emotional sometimes. Hell! I am emotional as hell right now because all I want is for them to let me do the one thing that I adore most which is, be there mama and they be my babies. Yes, I am well aware that they aren’t babies anymore but damn all that because they will forever be my babies.

They grow up so fast and I’m just not prepared for them to not need me or want me to do everyday things that mama’s do. I just miss the days when I was literally their world. I am so thankful to have an 8 and 6yr old because they still love to be cuddled, kissed, and photographed. They have their moments as well but they haven’t outgrown me Lol. I know all of my babies love me and do still need me, I just need them to do me a favor and slow down. Society is already rushing them to grow up and here I am looking for the next animated classic for us to sit back, laugh, and reminisce about.

All I can do is continue to cherish every moment with them because time is flying and I’m a loving and frustrated mama just trying to keep up!

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